Kissing Mars

marsYukari is a “bad girl.” She rebels against her controlling mother by dyeing her hair, polishing her nails and having an older boyfriend. Miki is a “good girl.” She’s tall, quiet and smart. And a bit aloof.

The two are forced to share a double desk at the beginning of the term which annoys Yukari no end. Yukari’s initial reaction is disdain and derision for Miki’s behavior. But, one day, after school, she sees Miki in the Art Room, gently kissing a statue of Mars and her heart starts to race. When someone comes up from behind, both Miki and Yukari know that they’ve been seen, and everything changes between them.

Chapter 1: [Mediafire]
Chapter 2: [Mediafire]
Chapter 3: [Direct DL]
Chapter 4: [Direct DL]

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